Find smart accommodation

Students at Dalarna University or PlaygroundSquad can apply for our student accommodations.

First of all, carefully read through our rental rules. If you are a high school student we kindly ask you to apply for our ordinary apartments. (This demands that the person who rents is over 18 years, preferably a parent or a legal guardian).

1. Get registered.

2. Make sure you enclosed  your notification of selectionresult when you registred. When we have received your complete application we will send you your log-in information. You are now registred in our student accomodation queue and will recieve 1,5 points each day.

3. Now you can apply for our available accommodations. You can apply for, and get offer on, maximum three apartments at the same time.

4. Those three with most queue points will receive an offer on the applied apartment.

5. Remember to always answer yes or no to the offers you receive. If you miss to answer on an offer you can get blocked and you won’t be able to apply for further apartments.

  • We contact the persons who have applied for our accommodations in turn which mean that we contact the person with most points first. If the person with most points answers no to the offer, we’ll contact person number two in the queue and so on.
  • It’s OK to answer yes to more than one offer.
  • Your answers to the offers you receive do not affect your queue points.

6. Confirm your agreement. You have two options:

  • Visit our Bobutik to sign your housing agreement within 10 days. In periods with many moves we shorten this deadline to five days.
  • Pay your first rent within 10 or 5 days. (Depending on period)

7. Pick up your keys. Please see the opening hours to our Bobutik in order to get your keys when you arrive to Falun.

Your queue points get zeroed when you have confirmed to us that you want the offered apartment and we have created the housing agreement to you. To start collect points again, please activate your profile in the student queue again.