Is this Sweden’s finest student housing?

Enjoy your own apartment at the same time as you have access to all advantages there is with corridor living. We newly renovated Britsen so it’s probably one of Sweden’s nicest students housing.

Britsen was built in the beginning of the 1970’s and the building has newly got a complete renovation. The old corridors have been replaced with new apartments that have own kitchenette and bathroom. In the four common study rooms you have a lot of space to either hang out with your friends or study with your classmates .

The best of both worlds’

You live by yourself but have access to all the common areas like sauna and the new party room that is called “Gasken”. Britsen is located approximately 2,5 kilometers from both campus and down town Falun. A short walk and you’ll find beautiful nature and Falun’s finest beach, Bojsen beach!

The greatest of all

The whole building is newly renovated and the renovation was finished during the spring 2015. Today Britsen is probably one of Sweden’s nicest students housing – which we are very proud of!

Corridor living

Do you want to stay at Britsen but rather share kitchen with other students in a corridor? Read more about how it is to stay in corridor here.


255 student apartments: 225 one-bedroom apartments with kitchenette (20-21,5 square meters), 15 two-bedroom apartments with kitchenette (35 square meters) and 15 rooms in corridor with shared kitchen (20 square meters)

  • Party room
  • Gym
  • Storage rooms
  • Parking places
  • Sauna
  • Three study rooms
  • Guest room

Basic TV channels and Internet is included in the rent
Heating is included

Classic student housing

On Britsen there is place to both them who want to live in their own apartment and those who rather want to stay in a corridor and share kitchen with other students.

Britsen has gone through a proper renovation and replaced the old corridors with kitchen to new and fresh corridors. We can also offer furnished corridor rooms where the common kitchen is the given gathering spot. Cooke together with your friends!

In the building you’ll also find a sauna, our party room Gasken that you can rent for 500,00 SEK a day and four furnished study rooms with Internet connection. Britsen is located 2,5 kilometers from both campus and down town Falun. A short walk away you’ll find beautiful nature and Falun’s nicest beach, Bojsen Beach!

Gym Oxygen – Britsen

Get in shape! 

On Britsen you have your own gym with sauna! For only 600,00 SEK for six months you can get your subscription. If you only want a four month subscription you pay 450,00 SEK. The gym is open every day between 06:00-21:00. Are you interested? Send an email to student@kopparstaden.se and we’ll help you.

Guest room

Britsen has its own fully furnished guest room that you can rent when you have visitors.

In the room you’ll find a bathroom, a double bed, blankets and pillows. The only thing you have to bring is bed linen. There is also free Internet connection in the room. If you want to book the guest room, just send an email to student@kopparstaden.se. The rent is 250,00 SEK per day. All our students can book the guest room, even if you don’t live on Britsen. Please be aware of that on Britsen it is not allowed with pets, this rule also applies to the guest room.

Study rooms

As a student it’s nice to could hang out with your friends or have someone to study with. Therefore we’ve built four study rooms that you can book without any costs. 

Our four study rooms – Nature, City, Vintage and Colour – is perfect when you want to hang out with some friends or study together with your classmates. The rooms are open every day from 08:00 to 22:00. You can book the rooms from the electrical system that you find in the corridor.All the study rooms are furnished after its theme: Nature, City, Vintage and Colour. Choose the theme that you like most! Except the great furniture you also have Internet connection in all four-study rooms.