If you want only the TV-channels included in the rent, so-called “must carry channels”, you don’t need a digital TV-box.

However, if you want to receive digital channels from a broadband network or terrestrial network, you need a digital box to every TV.

Our provider of traditional cable-TV is ComHem. To order more channels you have to contact them on phone 0775-17 17 15 or visit Comhem.

Open broadband-TV
To get open broadband-TV you have to register on our service portal. Here can you choose which service you want (TV, telephone or broadband) and which offers and campaigns the providers offers. Certain providers only deliver one service, for example TV, but most of them can offer packages that include more services.

Must carry range

Channels that you can see in your apartment by only paying your licence fee.

SVT B (former Barnkanalen)
SVT Kunskapskanalen
Other available channels: