Bills during the summer

The rent and other bills require payment year round. Here we serve you with some great tips for getting it even if you are on the move.

If you have planned to be with the family or to travel somewhere during the summer and you are not here in Falun to get your bills, then this might be interesting read.

Rent and the cost of water
Every tenant at Kopparstaden has the opportunity to see his or her rent on, you can easily log in to “My page” and under “My payments” you’ll find the invoice that contains your rent and the cost of water. A smarter alternative is to download our app via Appstore or Playstore, than you’re able to see your invoice directly on your smartphone, wherever you are. If you’re already registered you can use the same information as you use to log in on our website.
Another alternative is to use e-invoicing via you Internet bank.

Electricity bill
If you live on Britsen or B-kasern it is Kopparstaden that is your electricity supplier and your consumption comes with the same invoice as your rent.

If you have a different electricity provider we kindly ask you to contact them in order to find a solution on how you can get your bill during the summer months.

We hope that you found this tips useful and that you have a great summer!