The Rent

The rent for a student apartment differs to some extent from a regular apartment, depending on the size of the apartment and what is included. The factors that affect the rent and its values is an agreement with the Hyresgästföreningen.

The rent is always paid in advance
The rent for the apartment is paid in advance. If you have a Swedish bank, use the invoice that we send you each month. If you have a bank abroad, you pay your invoice to a store that provides payment services, such as Svea Exchange, close to the main square in central Falun. You can also pay your rent by a foreign bank. In that case, use the same account information as you did with your first payment. Please note that only the first payment is payable at the Student Office.

Water usage
If you rent an apartment where water is not included in the rent, you will be charged for your monthly water usage on your regular rental bill. That means you have full control over the costs of water and can reduce your monthly cost. Having a shower instead of a bath and turning off the water while brushing your teeth is a smart way to reduce unnecessary water consumption. A faucet dripping or a leaking toilet consume lots of water. If you suspect something is wrong with your faucet or toilet, please make an error report.

If you stay at B-kasern or Britsen Kopparstaden supplies your electricity. The cost of electricity will be charged on your rent. If you live in any of our other student apartments, you get a separate bill from your supplier with payment information on the bill. The use of electricity (and water if you are billed separately) are billed one month afterwards.

At Tallen electricity is included in the rent.