If you’re not going to stay in your apartment under a period of time you can have the right to rent out your apartment as a sublease.

The reason for the sublease can for example be that you’re going to study in another city, a temporary work that force you to move or if you want to try living with your partner. You have to apply for permission from us. The permission for sublease is always over a limited period of time and can maximum be for one year at a time. To get your sublease approved you need to send us certificates and documentation that we demand. For you that rent the apartment apply the same rules and you also have to make sure that the tenant, who rent as sublease, fulfills our requirements that we demand for our student apartments.

As a tenant at Kopparstaden you also is responsible for the apartment under the sublease. This means that we can demand the rent from you if we not get the payment on time, you can also be responsible for disorders and other errands that has to do with your apartment.

The secondary tenant has no right to take over the apartment if you’re not moving back. The housing agreement should be terminated according to our ordinary rental terms. Remember to apply for sublease in good time before you want to rent out your apartment. Kopparstaden will confirm if the sublease is approved or not.

You’ll find the form for sublease beside this text.

You can read more about sublease here (only in Swedish): Jordabalken 12. Hyra §40

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