Moving out

Cleaning is fun!?
Yes, you can make it fun! Listen to your favourite music, put a big smile on your lips and follow our list of tips and you will do great!
Please don´t leave any belongings in your student accommodation, in the storage, on the balcony or in the entrance.  If the cleaning is not approved after the inspection or if you leave any belongings we will deduct from your deposit.

Remaining furniture, household items or clothes
Do you have furniture or anything else you no longer want?
Email Hållbarhetsförmedlingen (furniture or bikes), or you can call Ta till vara, Hildings second hand or PMU and they may have availabiltiy to come pick the gadgets up.
Furniture and items that can not be recycled leave at the Återvinningscentralen at Ingarvet.

When you leave, we will do an inspection. During the inspection we check the condition of the apartment and  also check the cleaning in order to be ready for the next student to move in. When the inspection is complete, you leave your keys to the inspector. You are booking time for inspection by sending us an email . We ask you to book your inspection time no later than 2 weeks before moving out.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you when you move out from your apartment.

Cleaning checklist