Do you need furniture to your student apartment?
Some of our student apartment is partly furnished. If the apartment is furnished this will be stated in the information about the apartment.

This is included when you rent a furnished apartment of Kopparstaden:

  • bed
  • foam rubber mattress
  • desk + chair
  • bookcase
  • ceiling / floor lamp
  • curtain rod

In the kitchen there are:

  • kitchen table + chairs
  • pendant
  • appliances (not micro)

Living room / hall / walk-in closet:

  • pendant

Tips on things to bring / buy to your home:

  • linens – pillow, blanket, sheets
  • curtains / blindfold
  • shower curtain
  • utensils
  • cleaning equipment “piffing” flowers, carpets, paintings, pillows and other things that make you feel comfortable!

Rent your furniture
Do you prefer to rent your furniture instead? Contact Hållbarhetsförmedlingen or visit their webpage.