Report an error

You should not report big and urgent errors through this service. All errors that are urgent should be reported to our customer center at daytime, 023 458 00. If the error occurs between 16:00-09:30 you have to call our night jour at 023-630 68. Remember to provide them with your apartment number, name and address.

This is how you report an error:

Log in with your username and pin code. When you’re logged in you have to click on “my pages” in the menu.

To the left in the menu you’ll see “Felanmälan/error report”. Click on “ registrera” and fill in the information. Conclude with “skicka in”.

When you have reported the error our customer center will handle it. To follow your report, please visit your pages and click on “visa tidigare”. We’ll fix the error as soon as possible, latest within two weeks.