You who are living in a student accomodation at Britsen, B-kasern, Gammelvägen 5 or Tallbacksvägen 2 just need to connect the network cable into the socket and you are connected, a 100/10 service is included in the rent.
For report error and support, contact Bredband2, who delivers the internet service. When you report a fault, you need to provide the product number for your apartment.

Internet on Brigaden

On Brigaden no internet is included in the rent.
To gain access, you must register on the service portal. Here you select the service you want from our suppliers’ various offers and promotions.

Need help with ordering services, call start-phone at 023-666 23 60 or contact the providers’ own customer services. Contact details can be found on the service portal.

Wireless internet

If you want wireless internet in your apartment you need a router. It is not included in the rent.