Emergency cases can be when:
• The drain is completely stopped
• There is no water
• Lack of heating throughout the apartment
You can reach the emergency hotline at 023-630 68. Please remember to state the apartment number, name and address.

Locked out?
If you lock yourself out between 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-4 pm, please contact our Customer service at 023-458 00.
Other times, call our security company at 023-711 100.
Fee for opening paid through next rental coupon.
Fee for opening SEK 500.
Remember that you must be able to prove your identity and that you have a contract with us!

Security Helpline

 Living in an apartment means living near other people. You can hear  sounds that are part of everyday life, doors that open and close, noise from neighbors or cars starting.
If the neighbor on the other hand plays loud music late at night, there is running in the stairwell, loud arguments it may be time to contact the Security Helpline.
Security Helpline is open from 22.00, when it is supposed to be quiet in all houses, until 07:00, when our regular staff arrives.
Emergency Cost of an established disorder charge the offending tenant.
Emergency Security Services are accessed through 023-630 68.