For students

When you stay in a student apartment from Kopparstaden you don’t have to worry about your refrigerator, the repo rate or real estate prices. If you need something, just contact us!

These pages are for you that already have chosen to stay smart or for you that soon will be doing it. Here can you read more about our additional services, what you have to be aware of before you move in or out and how it works if you want to do an apartment swap.

The rent should always be paid in advanced and the due date is the last day of the month. Please contact us if you want to have your rent as direct debit from your bank account. If you do not need your invoice in paper you can apply for electronic invoice (“E-faktura”) at your bank.

If you’re late with your payment
Kopparstaden does not send out any reminders. If you don’t pay the rent on time we will send the case to debt collection and our partner Intrum. You will then have to pay a statutory fee on 180,00 SEK plus interest. If you are repeatedly late with your payment or if you don’t pay at all, we will terminate your housing agreement and you have to move out from your apartment.

You have three (3) months notice starting from the month after you’ve terminated your agreement. This means that if you leave notice on the 15th of February you have the apartment until the 31st of May. Do you have to change university? A letter of acceptance from another university gives you only one (1) month notice.

You can cancel your housing agreement by visiting the office or send an email to including your customer number and errand.

Please book a time for inspection by sending an email to Make the reservation at least one week before you are leaving. When we do the inspection we check that there are no damages in the room/apartment and that it is cleaned according to our standards so that the next tenant can move in. When the inspection is done you leave the keys to the inspector. If the inspection is ok and you have paid all your rents we will pay back the deposit to your bank account.

Welcome to Dalarna’s smartest housing!