Our student housing

We’re proud to could offer a student accommodation that fits just your needs! We can do this since we have everything from rooms in corridor to one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. Even apartments with balcony and apartments with two floors!

Now it’s time for you to discover which apartment you want to live in! Here you’ll find inspiration and more information about all our student accommodations.

Your own student apartment
If you want to live by yourself we can offer around 400 different alternatives that you can choose from. Check out Brigaden, B-kasern, Ugglan and Tallen.

Shared apartment
This housing fits for you that want to live together with your best friend or maybe for you that want to get a new friend for life? Check out our shared apartments in Bojsenburg.

Live in corridor
On Britsen we can offer rooms in corridor with either shared kitchen or with your own kitchenette. Read more here.