Moving out

Cleaning is fun!?
Yes, you can make it fun! Listen to your favourite music, put a big smile on your lips and follow our list of tips and you will do great!
Please don´t leave any belongings in your student accommodation, in the storage or on the balcony.  If the cleaning is not approved after the inspection or if you leave any belongings we will deduct from your deposit.If you are staying in a shared apartment you are responsible for cleaning your bedroom and all the common areas when moving out.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you when you move out from your apartment.

Don’t leave any personal belongings in your student apartment, storage room or patio/balcony. If you leave any belongings or if the cleaning isn’t approved, we’ll charge you a fee. When your inspection is done, you can leave your apartment keys to the inspection man or at the student office.

If you live in a shared apartment you have to come to an agreement with the other tenants on how the common areas should be cleaned, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, hallway. The inspection man will also check these areas during the inspection. Your room and the common areas should be cleaned even if your roommates will continue to live in the apartment. Use our cleaning-list so that your inspection gets approved.

Cleaning checklist